Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Life Changes - Transition Its amazing how we can work towards our intended paths and find ourselves in transition. Transition is a scary place to be. But, knowing that this is normal, is comforting.

In early July, I handed in my resignation to the company I was employed with. It was time. There were differences between my values and integrity from that of the company. I found it very negative to work in that role everyday. I strive to be a positive person. I left the company with no other employment in the works.

Now, 2 weeks into my official "freedom" I am feeling liberated. I feel happier. But have started the transition path.

My understanding is that keeping a routine allows you to resurface as a whole person and not fall into the trap of depression. Plus it gives you the ability to be mourn the loss of who you were and the person you are to become.

I still feel fuzzy in the head. But, so far, I have signed up for CEG - Canadian Embroiderer's Guild - it has lots of classes and community I am so looking forward to this September.

I have signed my daughter up for Sparks and Gymnastics beginning in September. Looking for something else for her to do as well.

Now to tidy up my art studio!!!! I have been ignoring it for too long!